No, we aren’t here to legit spill the beans on his recipe. You can find that anywhere. 

But let’s be honest, Goila Butter Chicken is honestly the best butter chicken I’ve ever had. And it’s because of a few revelations that could be possible behind the flavor. 

Saransh Goila, and his vision to take his recipe of butter chicken through small pop ups to Masterchef Australia. Today he stands strong with 80+ pop up stores, making him the ultimate butter chicken king.

What makes Butter Chicken so rich and tangy when paired with the perfect Rumali roti isn’t a load of cream. But our Goila expert uses Cashews instead and switches up sugar with honey. The full recipe is available to browse on at Network Ten.

Creating newer creations with one main dish is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. But here’s 1 mind blowing cocktail recipe I’ve found on his Instagram that is sure to pair perfectly with your already perfected Butter Chicken – The Butter Chicken Cocktail.


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The nature of a perfect Butter Chicken isn’t just its versatility. Where it can maneuver itself in any occasion or curb a late night craving. 

But the ultimate recipe to acing the perfect Saransh Goila Butter Chicken is curiosity, love and fondness for the Indian cuisine that makes him want to only serve up quality makhna to his consumers.

Non-vegetarians and Butter Chicken lovers may rightly be aroused into trying all the sorts that are out there. What truly stands out and then end up going back to is Goilas. 

Since 2011 Saransh has spectacularly made a name for himself and his hashtag that made waves around Twitter #goilabutterchicken. What makes it even closer to home are the multiple outlets in India and  internationally that give individuals the authentic taste of our culture and flavors. 


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His recipe is certainly the one to ace, right from the tandoori to the flame – carefully directing the aroma to influence his famous gravy that satisfies taste buds and a lot of tummies. When it comes to Saransh Goila’s experiences and creations – moving past the butter chicken. One can expect to get smitten by his famous dishes such as – Anda Ghotala, Hyderabadi Gobhi Musallam Biryani and Mango Curry!