No one really tells you what it’s truly like to be a parent. Whether it’s decades ago or now, in the modern world, the struggle is real. The reason no one can really guide you to the T is that it’s hard to explain the nuances of being a new parent.
Back in the day, our parents lived in a heavily patriarchal world where our dads would work in an office, and our moms would “take care” of our home.

With changing times and even with all the help you get, whether it’s hiring a nanny or a nurse for your kid, the challenges are immense. The way that I look at it is modern times helped us women fight for our rights and give our careers priority even after having kids. How? By hiring help. But the challenges of working moms are… Well… Working.

I have one word: guilt

The guilt of leaving your baby behind to go to the office is very real, and I’m sure most moms relate. So, how does a parent balance the two most important parts of their life? Whenever I meet someone, they always ask me how I balance my life with such a hectic job, attending events, shoots, and content plus, having a wholesome life with my little girl.

I’m going to share my two cents on what helped me do this while keeping sane and giving as much time to the baby and my job as possible.

1. Embrace the guilt

The guilt never leaves. It’ll probably stay till you’re alive. Did I do the right thing? Am I a bad parent to prioritise work as much as the baby? I wonder how my kid is doing while I’m away on this work trip. These thoughts will never leave, no matter how big your child gets. And that’s okay. Embrace the guilt, don’t let it consume you. Whenever I have to go away, I try to set the routine at home so perfectly that it makes me think they might do better while I’m NOT at home. And that helps with the guilt sometimes.

2. Never hesitate to ask for help

It truly takes a village to raise a baby. The ONLY reason I can balance my life so well is because of all the help I get. Now I don’t just mean a nanny (although she’s one of the most important people for my baby). I mean the in-laws, my sister, my mom, and so many more. I don’t include my husband in this because we’re equally involved in raising Mehr. We both go through it together, and I cannot be more thankful for a husband like him who takes it upon himself to make sure none of us is taking more load than the other.

3. Deal with one thing at a time

This whole process will overwhelm you. I mean, I’m telling you right now, you were warned. Whether you’re working or not, it’s overwhelming as it is. Add a job to the list, and you’re golden. I’d once heard Priyanka Chopra Jonas say something when she was asked how she multitasks and aces are, and she said that she doesn’t go to the next task till she finishes her current one, and that really stuck. I don’t take up multiple projects simultaneously because it’s not fair to them.

4. Divide your day & set a routine

I try to divide my time at home and at work, so I give enough time to both (although I have to say, it’s never enough for either of these sides, but I try). So, during work hours, I obviously dedicate myself to my job, and as soon it’s evening, I come home to spend with the baby. It’s definitely easier said than done, but I attempt to keep this going as much as possible.

5. Put your foot down and say no when needed

You’re not a jar of Nutella, so you can’t please everyone, amirite? Sometimes, you’ll have to say no even though you don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings. A friend calls to catch up, an event, or even relatives sometimes. Say no, if it’s not something you just cannot manage.

Even though this is my personal handbook to balance, I end up messing up. A lot. And that’s totally okay, in fact, it’s natural. But at the end of the day, I need to make sure that my family, my work, and, myself are content and thriving.

If you and your partner are working parents, it’s always going to be a challenging ride to balance both your job and personal life. And you’ll always wonder if what you’re doing is enough. But I’m here to tell you that you’ve already done so much and you’re doing great! Just keep your heart full and your mind focused, and you’ll ace it, like always. You got this!