After 8 years of hustling it out with the Rolling Stones, Nirmika Singh and brings to you one platform that helps artists bridge the gap between their art and audience. aims to direct and support artists through 3 main goals:

  • Identifying and plugging missing links in talent. Content curation and execution
  • Bringing trust and authority in solving creative challenges and
  • Leading with Impact, Ingenuity, Empathy and Inspiration

But while a talent agency can only take your career forward, building a base of your talent as an artist is something you have to achieve by yourself. Nirmika suggests new upcoming artists to follow these 3 tips to succeed.


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1. Set High Standards:

Set stronger and higher goals, and allocate more time to achieve those for yourself. Your art and career just like any other aspect in your life, say housing, marriage is all done looking at the long game. Your music and art needs that long term planning and patience (which translates to time) in order for you to reach your destination. Overnight fame only works in 1 of 99 percent. The rest is just your hard work and luck.

2. What Is Failure?:

A term that is defined by the dictionary should always be different to what you’ve defined it for yourself. Failure isn’t the hurdles you face, or the numbers you fail to achieve or the irrelevancy among people, those are your learning curves and areas of improvement. Failure is when you’ve completely given up on your art and when you cannot see the beauty and talent you hold. Don’t let temporary setbacks put you up as a failure. Because they are just the push you need, to be better everyday.


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3. Show Up Everyday:

Success comes to those who are consistent. In no matter what field you choose to go for – the importance of showing up and doing what you do everyday, until you hit that pedestal and get the recognition you deserve. This could take you months or a year or two but keep going, eventually that is what counts.

Nirmika Singh sure knows what every artist needs to get to that stage, and with her company gives artists the voice and tools to ace their platform well.