My mom used to pick bright, fresh hibiscus flowers and mix them into a warm, fragrant oil, which she would then apply to my dry, knotted hair. She told me about the benefits of Hibiscus for hair while she delicately untangled my hair and worked the oil into my scalp. This is one of my favourite childhood memories.

Famous for being a Keshya (an herb that promotes hair), hibiscus has long been valued in Ayurveda for its benefits to hair and its capacity to increase hair development. Because they balance Pitta, both petals and leaves are thought to enhance hair development. Ayurveda states that excessive body heat damages hair follicles, which in turn causes hair loss. Hibiscus is a great Pitta-balancing plant that helps with concerns relating to hair loss and renewal because of its cooling qualities.

Benefits of Hibiscus 

1. Natural Scalp Moisturiser: It hydrates your scalp and keeps it nourished.

2. Hair Growth Booster: It gives the hair follicles a nudge to make keratin and grow.

3. Optimal pH Balance: The hair’s pH balance is restored, and your scalp feels healthy.

4. Farewell to Greys: The greys are kept at bay, and your natural hair colour shines bright.

Here are a few simple ways to incorporate hibiscus into your haircare routine.

“Thali” – Nature’s Hair Scrub

Have you ever come across the term “thali”? It’s a natural hair scrub derived from hibiscus leaves. Blend it with water and effortlessly scrub away excess oil and impurities. Alternatively, opt for the traditional method of grinding fresh hibiscus leaves and flowers for a pure and natural approach.

Hibiscus Powder

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It serves as a scalp cleanser while fortifying the roots of your hair. Combine it with other herbal companions like Indian gooseberries and curry leaves for an enriching experience.

Hibiscus Oil

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Crafted using traditional methods, it involves simmering coconut oil with freshly ground hibiscus leaves and flowers. This elixir acts as a catalyst for hair growth and a protector against breakage.

Hibiscus Conditioner

Hibiscus-infused conditioners work wonders, bestowing your hair with a lustrous shine, added strength, and essential protection. Bid farewell to unruly frizz with this hair care gem.

Hibiscus Mask

They are your loyal companions in deep conditioning. Expect an infusion of shine, a boost in colour vibrancy, and a refreshingly clean scalp. They truly have it all.