If you’re any fan of Khloe Kardashian then you’d know about Revenge Body. A series that is driven by well, revenge. We live in a generation with terms such as “bikini bodies” and “revenge dress”. Which idolizes elevated physique only after a break-up, in a way to get back to said ex.

But, imagine putting in all the work for someone that eventually won’t benefit you. Mentally or emotionally. The trend of fighting to look a certain way for relationships is far-fetched, taking away the focus from what it should be.

            Picture credits: Khloe Kardashian

The idea behind Revenge body is getting the best body of your lifetime. Through various workout regimes – be it weight training, boxing or any other form. But it’s time to move away from getting revenge on people and rather focus on getting revenge for yourself.

What we mean by that is, optimum living that translates to the fittest you’ve been or will be. Revenge body should be a lifestyle mindset, rather than a challenge. Because no one will love a physically fit and strong exterior than you.

What can you do to get started?

Firstly, if you have broken up with your partner, get some required therapy or multiple yoga sessions to get you on the right track. When mental peace has been established – get yourself a gym membership.  Get going with a fitness trainer who will push you to be better everyday.

The ultimate revenge should be a life lived well, and if this isn’t the option you would go for, then we cannot guide you. 

We all love to look our best, and for our skin to stay with us until we perish, it needs to be taken care of in the right way. A balanced diet, positive thinking and a good hour and a half calorie shedding routine mixed with varieties of workout is the best way to go.

Sunken face, the unnecessary flabs, saggy breasts and wiggly arms need to be taken care of before it’s too late. Don’t shy away from pulling a 180 on yourself, because you deserve it for everyday of your life.