My obsession with K-beauty and K-dramas has left me wondering: did my love for flawless skin or the engaging stories come first? Looking back, it’s pretty clear that Korean beauty products had me hooked even before I fell for the charming second leads in K-dramas. As I got sucked into the world of K-dramas, I not only found entertainment but also learned some seriously impressive beauty tricks from the characters on and off screen.

Korean skincare isn’t just a routine, it’s practically a religion, and you can totally see that in the shows and movies. These K-dramas don’t just casually put Korean celebs in beauty ads; they actually break down the characters’ skincare rituals. Thanks to my recent binge-watching spree, I’ve picked up some seriously cool beauty tips from these dramas that I’m totally adopting.

Skin Secrets Unveiled: K-Drama Edition

1. Snoozing with a sheet mask

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Sheet masks – we adore them, but where do they fit in our routines? K-dramas propose bedtime sheet masking. Take notes from Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo’s tomboy lead, who relies on a DIY sheet mask prepping for a big date. Admittedly, she sometimes greets the day with an unexpected pimple, but not every sheet mask experiment goes awry.
With these masks, unwind after a long day while their moisturizing magic works wonders.

2. Consistency is key

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Even if you’re stranded in North Korea, don’t neglect your skincare routine. Think Crash Landing On You. K-drama characters stand by their skincare rituals, no matter their emotional turmoil. Recall CLOY’s skincare quest or Kim Da-mi’s tipsy routine in Our Beloved Summer? A blend of quality products and an unwavering routine is the way to go.

3. Gut health matters


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Imagine Shin Min-a’s character skipping dinner for the fermented sweet drink Sikhye in Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha. Korean beauty isn’t just about external products; it encompasses gut health. Fermented foods reign supreme in Korea, reflecting in their radiant skin. Romantic strolls with a Yakult in hand? Classic K-drama.

4. Snail mucin: oddly awesome

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Even the queen of cuteness, Kim Ji-won from Fight My Way, loves snail mucin. It might sound off, but it’s a game-changer. K-beauty pros, actors, and even toddlers swear by it. This sticky humectant gives you a plump, glowing complexion, and works for both dry and oily skin.

5. Foamy cleansers: allies, not adversaries

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I once shunned foaming cleansers, fearing they’d aggravate my acne-prone skin. But thanks to K-beauty’s double cleansing magic, I’m a convert. If foam cleansers keep Park Min-young’s character in What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim flawless, count me in!

From sheet masks at bedtime to embracing foamy cleansers, K-dramas not only entertain but also offer a treasure trove of beauty wisdom. So, why not let our skincare routines be touched by a touch of K-drama magic?