You know when you wash your hair and then it feels like hay within a day? Especially if you have those gorgeous curls or coils, your hair tends to be drier than a desert. That’s why most people give their hair a good wash every third day – washing it more often than that can turn your hair into a tumbleweed. But fear not, there’s a trend that’s here to save your hair and keep it bouncy and beautiful – it’s called co-washing.

What is Co-Washing?


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Co-washing is simply washing your hair using conditioner only, skipping the shampoo part (a.k.a. no poo). It’s a game-changer because it cleanses your hair without that drying effect you get from shampoo. For our curly-haired comrades, co-washing is a godsend. It hydrates and moisturizes those locks, making your curls dance like they’re at a party.

Finding the Right Products


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Now that you’re sold on co-washing, you need the right stuff. First things first, understand your hair. Is it as dry or oily? For dry and coarse hair, co-washing weekly is ideal. But for oily hair, every third day is the way to go.

Steer clear of conditioners with silicones – they just make your hair look sad and dull. Look for co-washing conditioners with emollients like oils and wheat germ, proteins to coat and protect your hair, humectants like honey to retain moisture.

The Co-Washing Process


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It’s four simple steps
1. Get your hair wet. Just like you’d do before shampooing.
2. Massage the co-washing conditioner. Scrub like it’s shampoo, but with the conditioner.
3. Rinse it out.
4. Seal the deal with leave-in conditioner to keep the hair happy and hydrated.

Mistakes to Avoid

Don’t grab any random conditioner for co-washing. You need to make sure the products are specifically curated for co-washing. Also, heavy oils are a no-go. Opt for water-based products to keep your hair fresh.

Lastly, before co-washing, detangle the tresses. Prepping the hair ensures the products work better. Use a detangling brush or just your fingers to make sure your hair is ready to be pampered.