If you thought bags were just a sidekick to your outfit, think again. This fall, they’re stepping into the spotlight and demanding some well-deserved attention. Here’s a roundup of some seriously stylish bag trends that’ll make you want to applaud!

1. Bigger is better


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No more squeezing your essentials into a tiny purse because oversized totes are making a comeback. In fall 2023, designers want you to embrace roomy totes that can fit everything you need. Say goodbye to finger-carrying, and hello to spacious chic!

2. Fuzzy and fabulous


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Who doesn’t love snuggling up to your purse like it’s your pet? That’s the vibe this fall as faux fur and shearling materials take over the bag scene. These fluffy styles are way less high maintenance than a real puppy but just as cuddly.

3. Embrace the weird


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Get ready to show off your quirky side with novelty bags. Think purses shaped like dinosaurs or bags adorned with cookies so realistic you’ll want to take a bite. Your choice of bag is about to become a statement piece, so don’t be afraid to go a little wild. These unique bags are also fantastic conversation starters.

4. Bling it on


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Shine bright like Rihanna commanded because sparkle is the name of the game in the handbag world. Whether it’s rhinestones, crystals, or beaded appliqués, this fall is all about making your bags shine like the diamonds they are.

5. Top handles for the win


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We’re channelling our inner royalty with top-handle bags that are as posh as ever. These chic purses are perfect for tea-loving, elegant fashionistas. The best part? No matter your style, whether it’s quirky, sparkly, or understated, there’s a top-handle bag that’ll match your taste.

This fall, let your bags steal the show. Embrace the oversized, snuggle up with some fuzzy textures, get weird with novelty designs, add some bling, and flaunt those top-handle bags with grace.