Bars are a great place for chilling and socializing. Not forgetting the luxury ambience that casts a spell through their divine and carefully curated cocktails that only elevate your complete dining experience. 

For this very reason, and Mumbai’s hustling and bustling life with party enthusiasts, which makes the need for cocktail bars very exciting. The line between a bar and cocktails bars are as the name suggests are specifically known for their cocktails. 

Here are our favorite and must-visit 5 cocktail bars buzzing in Mumbai:

1. Praia:

A rooftop oasis that combines nature with contemporary style, that creates an ambience to that of Greek architectural style that plays with natural light shadows. When mixology and precision with passion takes the form of delectable cocktails, each of them holding their own strengths and flavors – giving you a trip to Greece and the beauty that it holds.


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2. Wakai:

A trip to Japan could be on your list, but a trip to Wakai will just be the fix. The ambience that reminds you of subtle, clean and aesthetic. A Japanese spread and cocktails that come with the best take on the culture, and creativity that will blow your mind. We really can’t get enough, since this just could be our next stop to satisfaction.


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3. The Bombay Cartel:

An open bar and The Bombay Cartels exotic selection of cocktails is what we will answer to our genie’s three wishes. The secrets of Bombay unveil in this classic take on cocktails that tell their own story. Let your palette decide the vibe for the night, as the bartenders sweep you to either an Island or A Tall-Building overlooking the city with magic in your hands.


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4. 3 Stories:

This beautifully kept restaurant and bar in Juhu is a great place to chill and unwind. The cocktails that our team had definitely made our nights. From Rosellini to Passionately Yours were our favorite cocktails of the night. The beer, and gin base were the way to go that made it a creative take on flavors and poison. 


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5. Taki Taki:

Cue Selena’s music – this pub/restaurant treats each cocktail like an art and those who capture it an artist. This red-hued aesthetic gives way for the most thrilling ride, and through their list of drinks and more. These images are only giving us the tempt to go and try on their vast ranges of slurps.


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With more and more cocktail bars on the radar and to be newly opened soon – we cannot wait to get drinking and discovering. Let us know which spot hit your spot below.