The idea of eating healthy to a point where it benefits the body holistically, is realistically quite hard and yet the ones immensely dedicated can only stray away from everything toxic and listen to what their body needs before it’s too late. 

Brands that revolve around complete wellness have now found the bridge that can connect them to customers facing various issues and solve them with minimal to no hassle at all. That is where drinkable wellness tags are, giving us not only a healthy but delicious alternative to every problem. 

These brands are the ones we’ve kept our eyes out for:

1. Cosmix:

Formulated with adaptogens and blends of herbs that aid and contribute to wellness. Their best-selling products such as My Happy Gut, Bring Me Bliss, and What Women Want have been life-changers of many women. Their range includes solutions to Digestion, Hormonal health, Relax, Immunity, Energy and more.


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2. Auric:

Effervescent, but make it healthy. With a lung, liver and ACV detox that targets your concern in seconds. While their kadak masala chai with Moringa, Hot Chocolate with Ashwagandha and Coffee with Turmeric –  brings back your age old health secrets back to the modern day.


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3. Namhya:

The power of green teas can be quite visible in our daily lives. As a follower of chamomile green teas, I’m so sure that these will ease out any and all issues with every sip. Nahmya specializes in brews that targets concerns and syndromes such as Diabetes, Thyroid, Blood Pressure, PCOS and general lifestyle issues as well.


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4. Glow x Grow By Dr.Su

Comes in bundles or individually, these sachets help deal in hair fall, acne, PCOS and overall wellness. With ayurvedic and fruit extracts, this not only improves mood but the flavors give you the satisfaction of sipping on a fruit juice too.


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5. Wellbeing Nutrition:

For a brand that surrounds conscious marketing, Wellbeing Nutrition has been trusted by many, not only for their supplements but results. Browse through vast options of melts, drinks, supplements and more. 


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Innovation and intrigue in the wellness market has sure spurred up great brands that cater to the current lifestyle and issues faced by customers. Find the one that appeals to your body and needs and stick to a routine that brings out the best in you.