Every month, the full moon signifies tapping into your subconscious and finding a place to introspect and grow as an individual, letting go of all the energy that is bringing you down. As we are in Aries season, the fire sign expects us to be more bold and take charge of our life. Whereas the full moon in Libra, wants us to communicate and connect with what is important in our lives. Libra being a sign ruled by Venus, a planet of love and beauty, reminds you to reconnect with what you love in your life.

The Libra Full Moon strongly highlights our relationships. We are asked to find balance between our needs and the needs of others as well as giving and receiving in our relationships. Any weaknesses in our relationships that we need to work on may be exposed this Full Moon, to shine a light on what needs to be healed. Some of our relationships may heal or those we have outgrown may end. The energy of the Full Moon will rid and release us of anything keeping us from being in balance.



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On this full Moon in Libra, it’s important to have some boundaries around your heart, mind, and energy. These boundaries aren’t meant to be harsh to others. They are meant to protect your peace.


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Being related to Venus, this full moon also encourages us to tap into our divine female energy- embracing our intuition and connect with other female energy- and bring love and abundance in our everyday lives.

Since the moon is directly opposite the sun in this phase, it can be a more tense and emotional time for everyone. Everything is right in front of your eyes- making it a good time to reflect and point out things that are working for you and remove yourself from situations that no longer serve you and connect with your higher self by meditation, affirming and charging your crystals.