Indoor get-togethers or parties, especially the ones that take place within the comfort of your home is the best. It doesn’t only allow your guests to be really comfortable but allows more engagement and less distraction to that of a restaurant or bar. When you’re the host, you need to make sure your guests feel just as welcomed and at ease – that’s when you know you’ve successfully thrown a great party.

These 5 tips could just come in handy when you’re planning for your next or first home soiree:

1. Plan Ahead:

It is a pretty serious deal – because a great and well planned party describes your personality as well, and sets your image for your friends in the future. Right from prep, to seating arrangement, choices of food, cocktail mixes and decor should all be organized to the date and timing of your arrangement. Dietary preferences, menu preparation and extra chores should be task listed well that allows you extra time to mingle and interact with your guests on the day too.

2. Set The Mood:

We all love stepping in a space that makes us feel as if we’re been taken seriously. Scented candles, dim lighting and music can create an atmosphere that naturally opens up every individual at your place. Don’t shy away from adding effects or string lights. Make it Instagram friendly, if you want to too!

3. The Perfect Pairing:

Canapes with Champagne? Burgers with Beers? Or Cocktails with just about anything on the menu. You can either opt for a Buffet kinda dinner or go ala-carte – it all depends on how you would rather connect with each other. Be well stocked when it comes to food, and drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) that caters to every taste. So that no one goes home with an empty or dull mood.

4. Play With/Around:

Taking the reins in the kitchen or the living room, amping it up with games such as test your palate, would you rather, charades or a themed costume party could help your crowd open up and have giggles into the night. 

5. Be The Ultimate Host:

Join your guests with enthusiasm, and genuine interest in your guests that will turn it into a successful soiree. If you’re the one with a garden, feel free to throw in a barbeque too! 

In the end, a beautiful soiree requires thorough planning, execution, attention to detail and creating an inviting environment. After all, the most important ingredient in a soiree is the connection between friends and loved ones.