Movies can take you on a wild ride through a world of make-believe where your imagination runs wild. They create settings and fill them with fascinating characters. And the best part? They can even transport you back in time and let you experience historical events. In Bollywood, filmmakers are famous for creating massive sets for their movies to give the audience an experience close to reality. Let’s take a look at some of the films with the most expensive sets ever!

1. Devdas

This visually stunning film directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali had incredibly detailed sets and graphics. Being a perfectionist, spent around nine months working on the movie’s sets. The production cost of the movie reached a whopping INR 50 crore, with six sets alone costing INR 20 crore. The attention to detail in every scene and frame of this movie is truly amazing.

2. Saawariya

The movie is set in a fictional town and features stunning sets created by Omung Kumar. The production cost of the movie exceeded INR 40 crore, and it took more than 250 individuals 25 days to construct the set.

3. Jodha Akbar

This film is a historical drama that stands out not only for its soundtracks and costumes but also for its breathtaking sets. The set designer, Nitin Desai, meticulously recreated the Agra Fort, Jodha Mahal, and Mughal Gardens. The set for the film was massive, measuring approximately 1,600 feet by 600 feet by 68 feet and costing around INR 12 crore.

4. Bombay Velvet

Aimed to transport the audience back to the 1960s Mumbai. Despite being filmed in Sri Lanka, the movie successfully recreated the vibrant atmosphere of Bombay’s cabaret clubs. The filmmaker spent a staggering 26 crores on the expensive sets for the film.

5. Bajirao Mastani

Another epic historical drama by Sanjay Leela Bhansali was filmed on 23 enormous sets and at the Aina Mahal in Gujarat. The sets alone required around 8 to 9 years of research and were a significant part of the movie’s INR 145 crore budget.

6. Raees

Raees takes place in Gujarat in the 1980s and 1990s. The filmmakers had to recreate the city of the bygone era, and massive sets of the old city were built in Mumbai’s Film City. Every detail, from the homes to the clothing was on point.

7. Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham

Two narratives unfolded simultaneously—one in the grand Raichand Palace and the other in Delhi’s famous Chandni Chowk. The filmmakers replicated Chandni Chowk in a Mumbai studio, and an elaborate set was built for the Raichand home.

These movies prove that creating extraordinary sets is an art in itself. The attention to detail and the immense effort put into building these sets make them an integral part of the movie-watching experience. So, next time you watch a film, take a moment to appreciate the stunning sets that bring the story to life.