You know one of my absolute favourite memories is eagerly anticipating summer break every year. Why? Because it meant heading to my Nani’s place in Jamnagar, Gujarat also known as Chota Kashi. Situated along the Gulf of Kutch, this city has been here since 1540 A.D. It has some really interesting architecture and breathtaking natural scenery. If you’re planning to take a trip to Jamnagar, we’ve listed seven spots you shouldn’t miss.

1. Sonapuri Smashan

This 112-year-old crematorium is world-famous. It is known for the Wheel of Life, a structure that shows the phases of human life.

2. Lakhota Lake and Museum

If you love history don’t miss the Lakhota Lake. It’s surrounded by the majestic Lakhota Fort, now home to the Lakhota Museum. You’ll uncover tales of bravery and glory as you check out artefacts and exhibits.

3. Bala Hanuman Temple

Find inner peace at the Bala Hanuman Temple, where the Ram Dhun has been chanted continuously since 1964. Join the devotees in this constant hymn of faith and soak in the divine serenity.

4. Pratap Vilas Palace

Prepare to be awestruck by the Pratap Vilas Palace, a blend of European elegance and Indian craftsmanship. Its grand halls and manicured gardens will make history come alive before your eyes.

5. Marine National Park

Marine National Park is India’s first marine sanctuary. Their underwater wonders like colourful coral reefs and diverse marine life are a mesmerizing experience like no other. Pirotan Island is another spot in the national park that is popular for its beaches.

6. Khijadia Bird Sanctuary

The Khijadia Bird Sanctuary is home to over 220 bird species, including migratory ones. It is the perfect place to witness the beauty of rare and exotic birds in their natural habitat.

7. Traditional Markets and Cuisine

Don’t miss out on Jamnagar’s vibrant markets, like Chandi Bazaar and Willingdon Crescent, filled with traditional crafts like colourful Bandhani and brass items. Treat yourself to specialities like Ghughra and Bee Batata for an experience like no other. Also don’t forget to carry some dry fruit kachoris back home as a yummy souvenir.

Image credits – Wikipedia