Every home brings a personality that caters to your lifestyle. And with minimalist and neutral tones being an all-rounder you cannot go wrong. Come to see it, most celebrities tend to stick to royal colors and furniture that emphasis clean and yet royal interiors. 

Alanna Panday who recently stole her spotlight with her ala grand wedding, has now shifted passion into home décor.  Let’s not forget her feed follows one crucial tone – beige and whites. 

We’re all about taking inspiration about the next new piece or layout for our interiors. While her ideation and color scheme is on our mood board, we haven’t shied away from experimentation either.

Sticking with us, in this journey of mapping out our dream homes, we’ve picked out these tips for your next addition to your humble abodes, starting off with:

What does your dream home consist of?

Scramble from materials such as sheer, soft, cushiony, or woody. If you picked out one or all from any of these an amalgamation of the best furniture can be at your disposal. Comfort and aesthetic is and should be of top priority. 

Lay a carpet beneath wooden or marble tiles, matching the rest of the color scheme of your living room and same for the bedroom. If chic and casual is your tone, a master bedroom with a side of drawer (following in the same theme) should be in your checklist.

Plants and lighting add up to the oomph of the space. Contributing to the freshness and liveliness of the interiors – play with plants or flowers as you like. The inculcation of statement products be something you feel connected to, a story or a memory. Think, chandeliers, sofas, paintings, vases or uniquely shaped mirrors.

Who are you as a personality?

Your inspirations and choices give away the designs and textures you will eventually cater to. Create a holistic vision for your space and dart themes (take inspiration from your travels and others homes), just like Alanna. 

Her mood and view on life is clearly depicted in her feed. Go through it and you will find hues of white, beige, gold, and browns ruling her aesthetic. But feel free to throw in colors or your very own little coffee or mini bar which could elevate your entire space and make it welcoming to you every morning.