You know when it’s that time of the month, or with some of us, everyday is a celebration- both hormonal wise or a random craving, either way there’s nothing better than a decadent dark chocolate cake that curbs every problem you might be facing.

Chocolate has for long been connected to the wonders it does to the body, whether it is to balance out any imbalances or to contribute to the wellness of the mind. Thanks to the fall of serotonin and rise of dopamine hormones that come into play here.

But apart from its wondrous contribution, the reign of an old fashioned chocolate cake has never been out of trend, not even for a moment. Varieties and experimentation when it comes to this ingredient has only elevated experiences and celebrations.

But, let’s talk hormones:

70-80% dark chocolate in disguise of a cake can be extremely soothing when you’re dealing with period cramps or even mood swings. Tackling stress, depression and enabling you to ‘chill’ with your favorite Netflix watch quite comfortably. 

There’s something about our beloved ganache, Black Forest or a chocolate chip classic that makes it tough for us to divert our explorations into any other choices kept in front of us. Call it a childhood favorite or a flavorful treat for the mouth, a cake like this will never not be a part of our fridges.

The richness of cacao have flavonoids that are great immunity boosters, meaning they help you fight off infection and also inflammation. Talk about being an all-rounder when it comes to taste and benefits.

Here’s finally the good part, after all the talking. The list of our top 3 chocolate indulgences:

  • Ferrero Rocher:

Nothing beats your solo companion on a cold or rainy night, Ferrero Rocher, and imagining this on top of your chocolate cake with chunks of wafer shell in between every slice, mmm.

  • Chocolate Truffle:

An explosion of the goodness that comes with each bite, filled with ganache and soft chocolate sponge that melts instantly. 

  • Belgian Chocolate Cake:

A personal favorite, a cake that isn’t too sweet and yet hits all the right spots. Made with authentic Belgian chocolate – this is a royal devour.With that, don’t be ignorant of your emotions and how you feel most of the time, take out the time and cave in with your favourite pastry every once in a while.