Traveling to the destination of your choice with a schedule packed itinerary means leaving you little to no time on your own. The experience of discovery of a new land can come with its own surprises. But as they say, you are the designer of your own life. A luxurious hotel stay can just elevate your experience to a whole new level.

But with the availability of 5 star resorts and chains, choosing the one that you resemble the most with can be a hard pick. We’ve broken down the features that you must look into while booking your next stay, no matter your destination.

1. Amenities:

Luxury naturally translates to pampering. What better way to indulge through a gourmet selection, exclusive services and top-notch accommodation to make up your trip. We believe in comparisons and Youtube run downs of each stay will help you make your decision faster. 

2. Location:

Be it at the heart of the city with all the hustle of the local life, or a suburban outlet with all the quiet. A location that allows you with the top night-life at minimum distance with convenience stores right around the corner – either way you are at a win.

3. Accessibility:

If you’re anything like me, you’re looking at minimal walking to the nearest train-station or bus stop for that city tour. Multiple hotels are situated at excellent locations that are a pick and drop-off away. 

4. Membership:

If you’re a member at Marriott, you’re constantly looking out to collect points. With a hotel chain that travels global you don’t need a double thought of what you need to book. More such membership chains include Radisson, Taj and Oberoi. 

5. Reviews:

You’re extremely versatile and are open to experiences. For this, reviews of suggested or recommended places such as word of mouth or internet users help narrow down your options. Online pictures of the property and facilities offered can help you make your travel itinerary a strong and luxurious one.

The motive of your vacation or travel can be a major decision maker. Depicting the type of luxury stay you would look for. While all of the above points can be well combined into one, specific properties that provide the comfort you’re looking for can also be found very easily. Thanks to the internet.