Freedom is undoubtedly the most important factor for any nation and individual. The fact that as Indians we have that privilege of being united and free for the past 77 years is truly exceptional. But independence today comes in all forms. All that revolves around money and financial capabilities is all that ends well.

Today, as we focus on the subject of Content creators, financial freedom when it comes to their careers is most crucial. Keeping in mind the dynamics of the industry and shaping this field of occupation.

Clap Clap and Monk E exclusively present to you, a piece on Financial Independence featuring Sai Godbole and Himani Chaudhary in a series of questions.

How has financial security shaped you as a content creator today?

Sai Godbole: Monetizing your art is important and social media makes it easier to connect art to finance. That for an artist is crucial to get opportunities to create even more art.

Himani Chaudhary: Having saved up two years’ worth of expenses before pursuing content creation,  provided me with a solid financial foundation. This security allowed me to focus on my content without constant financial stress, enabling me to invest more time and effort into producing high-quality work and exploring opportunities that this industry has to offer.

If I had no savings, probably I would have never started creating content because this is a career which doesn’t provide you immediate or regular cash flow. 

The biggest take-away when it comes to investing and savings you’ve learnt along the way?

SG: Take advice! Do your research well before investing. Talk to your financial advisor, it is very important to take professional help when it comes to investing. The amount doesn’t have to be huge to begin with, just a consistent habit of saving is great. 

HC: Start small, be consistent and invest on the basis of your life goals not returns or taxation. 

The industry of content curation when it comes to financial stability is dynamic. How do you maintain the income coming and what is the one advice you would give the new creators for the same?

SG:  I’ve chosen fields that don’t have a promised salary. Acting, singing, content creation are all technically self employment fields which is why I follow a discipline, where I keep a percentage of my amount aside every month so I can consistently save money. The amount doesn’t matter, just the discipline is great.

HC: Truth be told, there is no guarantee of income in content creation. You can get nothing in a month and then some.  But the key to survive is to monetize your skills and get passive income through investments. So you can sell your courses or provide workshops to your community related to your niche and expertise. But please do it only when you think the course will provide some value to the buyers. Try to create as much content as you can for brands. Sell your merchandise and create affiliate partnerships. I have invested money in real estate and other fixed income investments from which I get monthly rent and interest which I use to cater to my monthly expenses.

This way even if I don’t earn anything in a month through brand partnerships, my lifestyle is not affected.

PS: The struggle when it comes to money is faced by everyone, but financial management is one thing we all have to really keep in mind to keep our futures secured and financially healthy. 

On that note, wishing everyone a very Happy Independence Day!