In our first-ever Pro Code, we sat down with the versatile Dr. Madhu Chopra, co-founder of Studio Aesthetique. Her entrepreneurial journey is nothing short of an inspiration to anyone wanting to start something of their own.

While we spoke with Dr. Madhu in her famous Studio Aesthetique, we came to the realisation of what an accomplished life she has led. Truly an inspiration, she speaks about all fortes of life- from starting a family to her journey, from the Armed forces to cosmetology.

Starting off, she talked about her marriage with her late husband Ashok Chopra and how she left her current job to join the army to be closer to her husband and raise a family. She reminisced about how good the army truly is and encouraged every young adult to experience army life as it trains you to be disciplined and cherish every moment. She then trained to be an ENT specialist so that she could serve in the army and be posted at the same locale as her husband. Dr. Madhu emphasised how she made these sacrifices to ensure her children would be around both their parents, as army duty takes away a lot of time.

Still having the urge to learn and grow, Dr. Madhu decided to venture into cosmetology while she was accompanying her daughter, Priyanka, to shoot for Dostana in Miami. Her sister being a neurologist in Miami, sent her a few courses she could specialise in while staying in Miami. Recognising, ceasing and then working on the opportunity, she decided to pursue cosmetology and fell in love with it. After several specialisations, Dr. Madhu sat down with her husband, noticed a gap in the market for cosmetic treatments in Mumbai at that time and decided to open studio Aesthetique together.

We then asked Dr. Madhu what are some of the best and most popular treatments at her studio. She responded by saying that laser hair removal is one of the most popular treatments right now since our clothing habits and the temperature have changed. Dr. Madhu attested to the laser treatment machine at her studio, which covers the whole body in just about 45 minutes, and with just around 5 sessions, you can get a hairless body!

Speaking further about what the future has in store for Studio Aesthetique, Dr. Madhu and Dr. Neetika have discussed venturing into holistic wellness. As she now has a reliable team at the clinic, Dr. Madhu wants to further expand her knowledge and wishes to become a counsellor as well. She feels as if she is wise now and a great listener, it will translate very well into counselling. Priyanka has often told her that she has an extremely convincing tone of communication which makes her want to venture into counselling.

It is extremely astonishing how after all these degrees and tons of experience, the doctor still has the desire to expand her skill set. She truly has a hunger for knowledge and says that you can never know too much. From reading to getting a specialised degree, the doctor never wants to stop learning.

And finally! We asked her what is her “Pro code” – or one quality that has helped her master her craft, to which Dr. Madhu rightfully responded with knowledge. She ended the conversation by saying that having a smile on your face, being calm and collected can go a long way, and we applaud her for it.