With a good amount of stories pertaining to female friendships making its rounds, I’ve decided to focus solely on the ones that give us loads of entertainment while being naturally funny when they’re together.

There’s a certain spark when it comes to catching two girl best friends who are absolutely candid with each other – while most of them capture the same in front of the camera. And that’s what I find most endearing.

When it comes to traveling together, creating fashion looks or supporting each other’s businesses, these 4 best friend duos are what we look forward to.

1. Aashna Shroff x Riya Jain

If you ever find a pair of gals that look as if they own the town, it would probably be them. Their fashion-packed reels and love for each other is what melts my heart. From attending fashion weeks, to lazing at each other’s place all while doing some girl-skin care. They’ve captured the fashion world by storm.

2. Komal Pandey x Dolly Singh

While one is known for the bold and yet trendsetting fashion looks, the other one is busy cracking up jokes from time to time. They make for an interesting combo – that combines fun and glamor. 

3. Prajakta Koli x Mithila Palkar

Best friends who do the Friends ‘Routine’ stay together. With wit and humor and both of the successful on-screen and digital careers, Prajakta and Mipal are a powerhouse of all things entertainment. Although subtle, their love is clearly visible when they’re around each other.

4. Shaurya Sanadhya x Aakriti Rana

The thing with friendships is you fight, and then get back together eventually. With these two when two souls are meant to be, they will be. Through thick and thin – most of the best friendships have conquered them all. And their social media accounts are proof to that. We love a duo who has each other’s backs just like our fantastic four.

These duos have our hearts fluttering and when I’m on my way to meet or text my best friend to do all of what they’ve done with minimal funds in our pockets, the inspiration and influence will always stay.