The world of Formula 1 isn’t just a race between 20 world-class drivers. Going beyond the wheel is a game of strategy, timing and engines and memory. If you’re an avid follower, you are just like us, that is waiting for the next Grand Prix to air. 

Lucky for you, we’ve planned the perfect way you can spend your weekends. Not waiting for “Its Lights Out”,  with a spin on these choices that all revolve around strategy and some games.

Our top 4 Netflix picks to binge-watch these weekends are:

1. Drive To Survive:

This isn’t just racing, but behind the scenes of the best rivalry and friendships. Be it between racers themselves or their team principles. It’s one thing to watch the race and supporting your team, but a whole nother when you know what it feels to win or lose a championship. This is what Drive To Survive aims to make the viewer feel. It’s a game all about seconds, strategy and pit-stops.

2. The Lincoln Lawyer:

When it comes to a murder case, you know it’s going to lead into dead-ends, false suspects and strong instincts. A series based on the real-life story of two lawyers. The Lincoln Lawyer is what you might need on an investigative night in your bedroom.

3. Queen Charlotte:

‘The Great Experiment’ that goes hidden in the eyes of Queen Charlotte. A story of strength, strategy and motive, this Bridgeton series is more of what meets the eye. Instances and truth surface making royal decisions at utmost priority in this exclusive series.

4. The Queen’s Gambit:

The game of chess in itself is all about strategy, every move making you vulnerable to your target. This Netflix series aired in 2020 is based on the chess’s opening named as Queen’s Gambit. The story of Beth Harmon, a fictional Chess Prodigy who reaches the top of her career by battling alcohol and drug dependency. 

These are fantastic watches by themselves, with suspense and curiosity to know more. Just like every race or every lap and at the end of the finish line reveals the winning strategy and person.